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Stone Texture ACP

Stone Texture ACP: As usual,people take the painting, glass, marble, ceramic, metal curtain wall and other material to decorate the architectural interior and exterior wall.

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Product Description

Stone Texture ACP

As usual,people take the painting, glass, marble, ceramic, metal curtain wall and other material to decorate the architectural interior and exterior wall. But these decorative materials are insufficient in some aspects, such as poor weather resistance, fall-off, fade issue on painting, less color selection and light pollution on glass, heavy and difficult to install issue as well as radiation and less mechanical ability on marbel. Due to the limitations of the above materials, Feiteng company has successfully developed stone texture aluminum composite panel to meet the various marketing request.

There are 20 production lines include automatic aluminum-plastic compositing lines and 
color coating lines, also several numerical control aluminum solid panel process equipment imported from Canada,and it is tested and controlled by the world-class level Japanese "Lan’s" X Y full range light speed testing facility. Furthermore, Alucolink established the modern lab with entire functions and advanced testing facilities.

Product Parameter:

Raw Material



Aluminum Alloy










1220mm、 1250mm、 1500mm






2440mm、 3050mm、 4050mm

Aluminum THK


Feiteng stone aluminum composite board combines the advantages of high aluminumplastic board strength, flat surface, environmental protection, easy processing, fire protection, corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance and so on, the product quality conforms to the American ASTME84, E119, NFPA285, European Union EN13501 and the British BS476 standards. Normal use product warranty period of 8 years, no cracking. Can be widely used in building curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration. Building interior and exterior decoration mainly USES paint, glass, marble, ceramics, metal curtain wall, etc., but these decorative materials and there are different degrees of defects, such as poor weather resistance of paint, easy to fall off, fade; Glass has less color and produces light pollution; Dali stone is heavy, difficult to install, and there is a certain radiation, can not make special shape. Based on the above material limitations, Feiteng company successfully developed the imitation stone effect of the aluminum-plastic board to meet different market needs.

Aluminum-plastic composite panels, colored aluminum-plastic panels, fire-resistant aluminum composite panels, aluminum-plastic panels for advertising printing, fluorocarbon aluminum veneers, aluminum. Honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings, metal veneer insulation panels and other products.

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