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The Main Material Core of the Composite Board

The main material core of the composite board
1. Foam board
It is made of expandable polystyrene (EPS) particles, which are shaped like fertilizer particles. They are pre-foamed by heating to form larger particles like white pearls, and then heated and pressed in a mold to form a fine closed-cell structure. The foamed plastic sheets are mostly used in temporary buildings due to their poor fire resistance.
2. Polyurethane has high energy-saving performance
The material with excellent fireproof and heat preservation performance can achieve the purpose of fireproof by adding flame retardants, and the combustion will produce toxic gas. The bulk density of polyurethane used for composite panels is generally 30kg to 40kg
3. Rock wool board
Basalt is used as the main raw material. After being melted at high temperature, inorganic fibers are made by high-speed centrifugal equipment. At the same time, a certain proportion of adhesive is evenly added to bake into large slabs, which are cut into rock wool strips according to production needs. body, good fire performance.
4. Glass wool
It is a lightweight, heat-resistant, elastic, non-combustible thermal insulation material, widely used in chemical industry, medicine, factories, heavy industrial machinery and equipment, construction, vehicles and ships, aerospace, and is an ideal heat-insulating, fire-proof and sound-absorbing material.
5. Flame retardant paper honeycomb board
It is a B1 class fireproof material, with the advantages of good flame retardancy, good compressive strength, only carbonization and no combustion, no toxic substances, and waste can be completely recycled and reused. ideal substitute.