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Properties of Composite Panels

Properties of composite panels
1. The material of the brand furniture on the market is the solid wood particle board in the selected composite board, that is, the basic material of particle board is used, and the appearance of the composite board is decorated with adhesive film paper. The color is bright, but the edge of the board can still be seen. To the material, if you don't want it to be exposed, you can use a special machine to seal it.
2. This kind of composite plate has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and lateral compression resistance, but this kind of composite plate also has some shortcomings, that is, it has insufficient ability to hold nails. The difference between the nail-holding ability of solid wood multi-layer boards and the nail-holding ability of MDF is because their craftsmanship skills are different. Another disadvantage is that the particle structure it has is a composite board that is not easy to be milled. When the composite board is used to make the door, the varnished board and the molded board are mostly used, but the other advantages of the particle board are better than that of the high-density board.
3. From the perspective of environmental protection, this composite board is less harmful to the environment than solid wood boards to a certain extent. In terms of people's health, most composite boards are bonded with adhesives. As long as good quality adhesives are selected, there will be no unqualified furniture containing formaldehyde, but inferior furniture will appear. Inferior adhesives, which contain a lot of toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, will threaten our health at any time. Try not to buy such furniture.
4. The surface of the composite board is often coated with a layer of paint, but if the quality of the paint is not up to standard, the composite board will be contaminated, so try to choose odorless furniture.
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