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The superiority of the aluminum composite panel

Light weight, small density, sound insulation and heat insulation

Aluminum based composite panel is 1 / 5 of the weight of wood board with the same thickness and area, 1 / 6 of glass and 1 / 7 of aluminum, which greatly reduces the building load and cost. Because the middle interlayer contains a lot of air, it can be sound and heat insulated.

Aluminum(aluminum composite panel) itself is environmentally friendly, healthy and recyclable

Aluminum itself has no combustible substances, no harmful gases, waterproof and moisture-proof, strong corrosion resistance on the surface, and excellent weather resistance.

(aluminum composite panel)With the new technology, the metal prefabricated installation fasteners are embedded in the aluminum matrix composite plate in advance, and the internal structure of the aluminum matrix composite plate is stable, so that the fabricated construction becomes a reality