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The characteristic of the aluminum composite panel

Characteristic of the aluminum composite panel
The advantages of furniture products made of aluminum composite panel can be divided into the following categories
(aluminum composite panel)The transportation and installation are convenient, the cabinet plate with the same size and specification is lighter, the transportation and handling cost is reduced, and the installation is fast.
More wood grain and color options (stone grain, leather cloth grain, surface personalized printing).

The application field of the aluminum composite panel is wider. In addition to being used in various conventional cabinets such as wardrobe and locker partition commonly used in traditional furniture, aluminum substrate can also be used in kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet and balcony cabinet to meet the general decoration of families. It has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof. It can be used to make walls, roofs and furniture in various basement, outdoor and Seaside (high salt and high humidity) and other harsh conditions.