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What material is aluminum composite panel

In real life, when we use aluminum composite panels, what material is it?
1. What is the material of aluminum composite panel
Aluminum composite panel is a material made from aluminum and composite aluminum. The aluminum-plastic composite panel uses the coated aluminum plate as its surface material after the corresponding chemical process. It uses polyethylene plastic as its core material, and it is on the special aluminum-plastic panel production equipment Gradually processed to form a composite material.
Second, what are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum-plastic composite panels
1. The sandwich material in the middle of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is connected by glue of tree vinegar, so its core material and glue will contain some harmful ingredients. Moreover, its weather resistance, durability and fire resistance performance are particularly poor, and it will release this kind of poisonous gas harmful to the human body under high temperature exposure.
2. The composite strength of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is also relatively low, and it is easy to break when it is bent, and it will expand locally when heated, so that its surface will fall off or be deformed. This situation.
3. Its advantage is that its weight is relatively light, and it can achieve the effects of sound insulation and shock absorption. And the effect of using it for decoration will be very good, and its surface can be painted and printed secondary processing, it can match with the aluminum plate, and its cost is relatively low.
4. Before leaving the factory, its materials will undergo processing such as weather resistance and impact resistance, as well as compression and corrosion resistance, so it can still meet some specified requirements in this regard. And when it is in use, it can be used on high-rise buildings. If it is placed on the wall for decoration, it is also possible to use it for decoration. The effect will be better than that of the same type of wall panel. a little.

Summary: The above is to introduce what kind of material the aluminum composite panel is. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.