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What is a fire board

In modern life, furniture and objects, a proportion of wooden product is very big, especially in the kitchen, if you use ambry also is made of wood, the fire will need special attention, in order to prevent the kitchen fire, the fire prevention board will have to look at, fire prevention board has good wear resistance, fire prevention, flame retardant, etc. The widespread application of fire prevention board is mainly because people are becoming more and more aware of fire prevention. But there are still a lot of people do not know what is fire board, do not know the use of fire board, do not know how to start when buying. Therefore, before the purchase, or need to have a general understanding of fire prevention board. Today xiaobian will take you to understand the relevant knowledge about fire prevention board!

A, what is the meaning of fire board?
Fire-proof board is also known as high pressure decorative fire-proof board, which is a kind of high-grade and new composite material. It is the fire-proof material that decorates the surface. Fire-proof board has rich colors, textures and special physical properties. In the family is decorated, the applicable scope of fireproof board is wider, often be used in mesa, furniture, stair etc., the use of fireproof board also is very convenient, need to stick the surface of it and plank tightly pressed together can be used only.

Two, what are the characteristics of fire prevention board?
If you think of the characteristics of fire prevention board only fire, that you are too look down upon fire prevention board, fire prevention board can not only fire prevention, and many of the characteristics of the panels don't do, such as: strong resistance to abrasion resistance, good impact resistance, high temperature resistant performance is strong, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to smoke, burning resistance, resistance to bacteria, mildew resistant, antistatic, etc.

Three, what is the appearance of fire prevention board?
The design and color of fireproof board is more, can make like wood grain, like stone and metal surface and so on. The effect of different appearances is also different, so the appearance of different fire-proof boards are applicable to different places.

Four, what are the specifications of fire prevention board?
The size of fire prevention board is not only many, but also can be customized according to their own needs to different specifications, the common length of fire prevention board is 2135 x 915 mm, 2440 x 915 mm, 2440 x 1220 mm, common thickness is 0.6-1.2 mm. In addition, the fire board is actually a relatively thin veneer, not the same as the imagined plate.

Five, what is the price of fire prevention board?
Fire prevention board is different from the other plate, is not to calculate according to the price, but is measured by how much money each, fire prevention board is related to the quality, the price of the average price is dozens to hundreds of, of course, the price of the good quality of fire prevention board must have been some of the more expensive, in our country medium fire prevention board price in one hundred yuan or so commonly, And the fire-proof board price of entrance can be a few taller.

Six, refractory is not afraid of fire?

Although the fire resistance of the fire board is good, but it is roasted on an open fire for a long time, it will also occur the phenomenon of carbonization. So although the fire board has the effect of fire prevention, it is also afraid of fire. It can not be barbecued by an open fire for a long time.