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Principle of tensile test of aluminum-plastic plate

Test principle

The tensile failure of the core material, or the bonding failure between the panel and the core material, or the stratification failure of the panel occurs when the tensile load is applied in the direction of the vertical sandwich structure panel by the tensile fixture with automatic centering function.

Equipment requirements

1, error: the relative load error of the testing machine should not exceed ±1%.
2, the choice of testing machine tonnage: mechanical and hydraulic testing machine tonnage selection should make the sample load fall in the full load of 10%90% range (try to fall on the full load side), and should not be less than 4% of the maximum tonnage of the testing machine.
3, constant test speed: when the test speed is not greater than 10 mm/min, the error should not exceed 20%; When the test speed is greater than 10 mm/min, the error should not exceed 10%.

Other requirements

1. The choice of tonnage of electronic tensile testing machine and servo hydraulic testing machine should refer to the manual of the machine.
2. The relative error of the instrument for measuring deformation should not exceed 1%.
3. Physical performance test equipment should meet the provisions of the corresponding standards.
4. The test equipment shall be calibrated regularly by the metrological department with corresponding qualifications.