Company Profile

NANJIANG building materials was established in March 2001 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is a company engaged in the development and sales of aluminum composite panels and A2 fireproof panel. It is mainly engaged in aluminum composite panels and A2 fireproof panel export sales.
Aluminum composite panel, A2 B1 Grade fireproof AC

Aluminum composite panel :

1. Buildings outer-wall, curtain wall. 

2. Redecoration of old buildings outer-wall. 

3. Balconies, installation units’ indoor partitions. 

4. Signboard. 

5. Inner-wall decorating panel, ceilings, advertisment signboard. 

6. Industrial usage, vehicle bodies. 

7. Furniture and door curtain. 

8. Packing boxes. 

9. Sound box etc home-use electronical devices